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About Our Christian Clothing Company is a Christian-owned company that is seeking to promote Christian ideals and values on Christian clothing that is centered on the Lord’s Word. Today Christianity is at the forefront of so many controversies- people of its faith all over the world are being persecuted for their belief in Jesus. Here at Hip-Edge, we realize that the clothing we sell does not save a person, neither do we feel that wearing our clothing will bring upon someone’s salvation. Salvation is of the Lord!!! However, as believers, we can show our faith in many ways and our clothing is just another way to share your faith. That is why we look to carry the best clothing with Bible centered messages. This is a great contrast to the offensive, worldly messages you see on many clothing lines. We look to bring Christian clothing that is young and trendy, while still being centered on the Lord. Our Christian t-shirts, caps, accessories, and gifts are designed to bring the message of the Word of God to everyone who sees them and to inspire those who wear them.

When we opened our Christian clothing site, we spent a lot of time deciding which lines to carry and we believe that the clothes we now sell are quality clothes with awesome biblical messages. Christian t-shirts are not merely a way to show your faith; they are also a great way to remind yourself that you are an ambassador of Jesus Christ. The Christian clothing apparel that we sell here will not spread the Gospel unless the person wearing them does. We do not believe that wearing a t-shirt is a substitute for witnessing and sharing the Gospel with the lost. It is up to us as believers to go out and bring God’s Word to all people. We understand fully that sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and allowing the Holy Spirit to work through us is the only way to be effective at bringing the Word of God to others. However, we do hope that our clothing may draw questions, comments or criticism, opening up another way to witness. is a family-oriented, Christian clothing company that strives to bring you the best Christian t-shirt designs on the market. We are based out of Maryland, and our shipments come from Arkansas and California so we like to think that has your Christian clothing needs covered from coast to coast. We are always looking for great designs; so if there is a design or clothing line that you would like to see at this store, please let us know! We are always looking for you’re your comments and opinions. Thanks for shopping!

-The Team-



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